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Smucker 5 ft. Weed Wiper ATV Mount

Smucker 5 ft. Weed Wiper ATV Mount

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This is our 5 ft. pump fed ATV weed wiper.  Connect to the tool rack on your ATV with ease, using the u-bolts provided in this kit.  Keep in mind, that the sprayer is not included.  We recommend using a 1 GPM per minute pump or larger.

The 2.4 GPM Fimco Pump would work great


This specific ATV Polaris model does not have a front tool bar to easily strap down your Weed Wiper. We have included these photos to simulate how you may choose to attach your weed wiper.

   1 Quick Disconnect & Filter Assembly 

   6 Clamp, Hose #16

   8 Bolt, 3/8 x 2 ½ Plated

   8 Washer, Lock, 3/8” Plated

   8 Nut, Plated 3/8” N/C

   4 Bolt, U, 5/16-18 x 2 x 3- 11/16

   4 Tie, Nylon, 11 T40 1-Black 

   3 T Riser, Assembly, Top Crop

   1 5’ ATV Bracket

   4 33” Mounting Bracket

   4 Front Bucket Mounting Bracket tab

   2 30” Sponge Assembly

   1 Assembled Manifold for 5’ (w/ tubing)

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