The Equipment and Implement Duo

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Highlands UTV Bed Covers

We picked up a Bed Cover for our Ranger 1000 SOHC and instantly loved it. We keep Milwalkee tools, leather belts, chainsaws, screws, etc in the back at all times. We never have to worry about the elements or someone stealing our stuff! Check them out!

If you have questions, let us know!

Fimco Sprayers

We started using Fimco Sprayers back in the early 2000's and continue to use them on our farm today. We have them mounted on multiple vehicles for farm use!

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Smucker Weed Wipers

We picked out a variety of Smucker Weed Wipers for many applications. We use a Can Am Outlander for the ATV Wiper, Polaris Ranger for the UTV Wiper, and a Kubota MX6000 for the bucket wiper.

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Excavator to Skid Adapters

We are all about implements on our farm. These adapters are a key necessity if you have an excavator and skid steer. We wanted to use different implements on our Kubota KX057-5. So we found these and enjoy them very much.

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Visionworks Camera Systems

We found a need for a backup camera when we purchased our Kubota SVL 95 Skid Steer. If you have ever operated a skid steer, you know how difficult it can be to see what is behind you. These are easy to install and easy to use. We have one in the truck and on the steer.

If you have questions, let us know!